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Updated: Jan 12, 2021

For 2020 we wanted to give you guys a break down of what we have on our bikes for products. We have a lot of questions as to why we run certain products and we thought it would be a good idea to explain it in depth.

All of our bikes start from showroom stock. Our goal is to make them as reliable as possible to take the beating our pro riders put on them. We think out possible situations to prevent any DNF's. So what do we look for in sponsor products? Well first off, is it going to last? Is it going to hold up for the 2 hour long race taking constant abuse whether it be mud, rocks, bushes, roost, etc.?

Having suspension that is customized for your unique needs increases the predictability and comfort of your bike. It can subsequently help you ride safer, faster, and longer. They can personalize your bike's handling for your particular riding style and demands. As a result, you'll feel more confident and comfortable when you ride. Bob Bell is a master at valving suspension and with his life experience he knows exactly what riders look for and what it takes to make a motorcycle safer and faster.

Fasst co. Provides the team with their in house handle bars called FLEXX Bars. We chose them not only because they are very durable and do not bend easily, but also because they have a design in which it help dampen the square edge bumps our riders experience thoughout the track. Paired with Precision Concepts suspension, it give a very plush response to our riders saving them energy, arm pump, and more importantly more confidence to go faster. We use the 12" Moto bend.

AME Grips has a wide range of options that also include lock on versions. We use them for our mountain bikes as well. They do not wear and tear easily under crashes and hard race conditions. We trust these grips to last in any conditions and make it to the finish in good condition.

Most people know IMS for their oversized tanks and pegs. It is really the only way to go if you are looking to improve your pit stops and still give your bike a nice slim feel from the motorcycle having an oversized tank. Many of the top professional teams do not run anything but IMS Products. We use their CORE mx pegs because they have a consistent grip to the bottom of your boot. They keep your feet from sliding off during any conditions and you'll never worry about having a failure from rocks. Our choice of tank is the 2.9 Gallon, it keeps us out on the track longer. We typically can go an hour straight at full race pace before we need to pit for fuel.

The NEW Antigravity ATZ-7-RS is a hi-power lightweight Lithium-Ion battery, built with their groundbreaking RESTART Technology (built-in jump-starting) so you won’t ever get stranded with a dead battery again! Directly replaces the OEM YTZ7S, YTZ5 and others.

90% of off-road bikes use this size as well as some street bikes.

YTZ7S case size: 4.53 x 2.75 x 3.35 inches

(LxWxH)150 Cranking Amps

7 Amp Hours (PbEq)/ 3.3Ah (Actual)

1.3 lbs

MXCHAMP is a fairly new wheel company created by Gold Speed Products. We chose to work with these guys because they have a well made hub that utilizes a double bearing design with Japanese made bearings. We shy away from a hub that is uses a China bearing and a single bearing design because it wears the axle unevenly and the bearing with fail more often. Our wheels this year have been holding up to the test and have exceeded our expectations.

INNTECK helps us with rotors and brake pads. Their rotors are incredibly durable especially when paired with their brake pads. We could go an entire season on one set of rotors and still wouldn't have to replace them. The brake pads have great stopping power which gives the rider a positive braking response that is consistent every time.

SKF Group supports our team with all the suspension seals and mud scrapers. They manufacture a lot of the seals people use in their motors and suspension every day. When we get hit with a muddy race, we throw a pair of the mud scrapers on so we never worry about getting mud packed up in the seals of the forks causing leaking issues which could potentially hurt the suspension and braking performance during a race.

Acerbis plastic kits fit perfectly every time and endure the bikes getting tossed on the ground from time to time. Hole positions are consistent every time so we never struggle to mount the plastic to the motorcycle.

FMF Racing is a standard in the motorcycle industry and is known for their legacy of championships. By no surprise we chose to use their products because they give the best performance. 4.1 titanium systems are our choice.

We use all of Motion Pro tools to ensure our motorcycles are race prepped. They also created a throttle cam kit that allows us to adjust the amount of pull it takes to reach full throttle. All of our riders have different preferences and with Motion Pros Rev2 throttle kit we can adjust for each rider.

Works Connection helps us out with all of the bling on our bike. We use a wide range of products from oil caps, master cylinder caps, hour meters, and hole shot devices. Most importantly is their radiator braces to ensure we do not have a chance of ripping the radiator off the frame in the event of a crash. It is essential and it takes another possible failure out of the equation.

DDC Sprockets originate from Reno, NV and are 100% USA made. We rarely have to change sprockets and when we do, it's a gearing change for faster layouts. Incredibly durable and amazing style.

GPR Stabilizers are as factory as it gets. Pairing our handle bar set up with GPR top mount and stabilizer increases rider confidence without sacrificing any steering control. We have been partners with this company since the beginning and we are proud to have their support.

Maxima Racing Oils is a key component to our success throughout the race series. They provide premium oil offering maximum performance while keeping our engines running cooler for longer during the 2 hour races. They have a full line of products to meet every maintenance need.

Seat Concepts produces a seat that truly fits the Purvines race bikes for our unique purposes. The seat is shaped for our dry break systems which perfectly wraps around the outer diameter of the tank. They do not tear easy and having the ribbing on the top of the seat helps prevent riders from sliding back from acceleration out of a turn.

Let's talk about filter performance for a second. When it comes to filter technology Funnel Web Filters changed the game with a unique design to add more surface area to catch dirt without compromising the basic needs of a filter. Traps more dirt for longer races.

BRP(Billet Racing Products) supplies our race bikes with their pro-line chain guides. The "Pro-Line" chain guide has been redesigned to improve chain guidance and reliability when riding in extreme conditions.

Bolt Hardware is essential to building our bikes. Before the build process starts we tear down a brand new bike and start from the beginning. We fasten the majority of our motorcycle with their bolts and hardware.

ARC Levers shouldn't be a question. We do not take the risk of having a broken lever half way through a race. We run the ARC DC-8 Clutch Perch Assembly CP-304 and ARC Nissin POWERLEVER BR-402i. Truly are an unbreakable product.

Manufactured on CNC machine for a better quality it protects the frame and cases - 40% lighter than aluminium bashplates. Does not generate any vibrations and is able to absorb heavy duty impacts. Better length of life compared to alloy and carbon sumpguards. We have been running the same skid plates for the last seven races and still won't need to change it for several more races.

Bullet Proof Deisgns is also another key protection component. They manufacturer billet aluminum parts to take the beating for the bike. We specifically run their radiator braces, rear disc guard, and chain guide protector. We get through the entire race season on one set then we usually transfer them to the spare parts bin or put them on new practice bike because they are still functional and look good.

Clutch performance is unparalleled to getting the most from an engine to the ground. Rekluse Motorsports clutch's are unlike a lot of others. With their design of the Manual Torque Drive they have been able to improve the clutch feel at the lever to be a lighter pull all while adding more power delivery to the wheel. All of our riders use the Manual Torque Drive and have had no complaints. For two hour races we do not experience any clutch fade or slipping.

We don't have to say much about Dunlop Tires other than the fact that their tires are at the top of the top. There is no doubt as to why these guys have so many championships. We prefer to run the MX33 fronts and MX32 rear. We have had no issues with knobs chunking out or tire failures. We get traction where most do not find it.

Ryan Abbatoye over at RAD Custom Graphics is a racer by heart and knows the wear and tear graphics take. He eventually stepped away from racing and started his own company and has supplied our team ever since with premium quality graphics. The material adheres perfectly every time to our Acerbis plastics and rarely ever have tearing issues. He also has completed many vehicle wraps for our team as well.

All of these companies play a key part in operating our team efficiently, without them we would not be able to go racing. Everyone involved is a team, together we have big goals and dreams to reach. Please support them if any of you are interested in their products, drop our name and let them know we sent you so you can be taken care of!

Follow us on our social media (Facebook & Instagram) for all current racing and team updates. Stop by the pit at future races so you can meet the riders and see our race bikes!

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